Hello friend,

I'm a Senior Penetration Tester doing it since 2011, currently working for Pure Security in Melbourne, Australia. 
I'm also a researcher and try to publish as often as possible at my Youtube channel, my older blog and, 
more recently, in Medium.
My main areas of expertise are reverse engineering and exploit development, infrastructure and web application
pentesting, proof of concept and exploit development in C, x64 and x86 Assembly, Python and Bash, and I also 
do Red Team projects including physical social engineering.

I've successfully gone through:
- Offensive Security Exploit Developer - OSED
- eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer - eCRE
- eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Testing Extreme - eWPTX/WAPTX
- SecurityTube Linux Assembly (x64) Expert - SLAE64
- Offensive Security Certified Professional - OSCP
- Offensive Security Wireless Professional - OSWP
- ISC2 Associate CISSP (do reach out for verification, please)
- Completed training at BlackHat USA 2018 on Fuzzing for Vulnerabilities with Huntress Labs's Chris Bisnett and Kyle Hanslovan
- Completed training at OffensiveCon 2019 (Berlin/Germany) on Windows Kernel Rootkits with Bruce Dang

I've also contributed to the Exploit Database and Google Hacking Database with a few shellcodes
that were developed while I was writing some blog posts on my previous blog, for the
SecurityTube Linux Assembly (x64) Expert - SLAE64 exam assignments.

I'm looking forward to keep improving through challenging technical conference workshops and,
above all, spend time on research to reverse engineer operating systems' features.

Senior Penetration Tester experience:
- Exploit development
- Reverse Engineering
- Windows kernel debugging
- Developing custom shellcode x64
- AV bypass techniques
- XSS, SQLi, CSRF, Indirect object references, LFI, RFI, file uploads, and
other webapp testing while mostly using Burp Suite
- Scanning (nmap, nessus), metasploit, exploit alteration for specific
uses, and other infrastructure testing consistent with OSCP trainning
- Creating internal tools using a variety of languages: Python, C, BASH
script, x64 assembly
- WEP detection and cracking, WPA/WPA2 bruteforcing, WPA-Enterprise
Mitm attacks using patched freeradius server and other wireless
- Forensics: File system, memory, online, and offline analysis
- Reporting on vulnerabilities and recommendations for their mitigation
- Presenting at internal tech conferences.


Some of my work:
- Exploit Development | Format Strings Series 5/6 - Memory leak + ASLR bypass
- Assembly "wrapping": a technique for anti-disassembly
- Polymorphic and smaller versions of three shell-storm‘s x64 shellcodes, including the smallest execve /bin/sh
- x64 Egg hunting in Linux systems
- Twofish Crypter with DNS (CName) password retrieval, x64 shellcode decryption, and execution
- JSgen.py — bind and reverse shell JS code generator for SSJI in Node.js with filter bypass encodings
- Bypassing CSRF tokens with Python‘s CGIHTTPServer to exploit SQLi